The Glory That Awaits Us

The Glory That Awaits Us

Preached by: Pastor Vaughn | 05/14/23

Scripture/Text: Romans 8:17-27; In this inspiring sermon entitled "The Glory That Awaits Us: How Suffering Prepares Us for Eternity," we delve into the powerful message of Romans 8:18-27.

Join us as we explore the profound connection between our present suffering and the glorious future that awaits us.

In this thought-provoking message, we will discover how the Apostle Paul encourages believers to find hope and purpose in the midst of trials and tribulations.

Through a careful examination of the biblical text, we will uncover the transformative power of suffering in shaping our character, deepening our faith, and aligning our hearts with God's eternal plans.

Together, we will explore the various ways in which suffering prepares us for eternity, unveiling the comforting truth that our current hardships are temporary in light of the eternal weight of glory that awaits us.

We will also examine the role of the Holy Spirit in sustaining us through difficult times, providing comfort, guidance, and intercession on our behalf.